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6 Dimensions Staging & Design

Sell your home easier, faster and for more…

6 Dimension Staging & Design offers an all encompassing design service that delivers on-site consultation, full staging, and showcasing with a lifetime of  design experience combined with firsthand knowledge of the buying and selling process. We absolutely create the best solution for your needs and create a design that will appeal to a variety of buyers to speed up the selling process.

  • On Site Consultation 100% 100%
  • Full Staging 100% 100%
  • Showcasing 100% 100%
  • Re-Design 100% 100%
  • Space Planning 100% 100%
  • Layout Design 100% 100%
  • Shopping 100% 100%
  • Downsizing 100% 100%
  • Decluttering 100% 100%
  • Organizing 100% 100%

To find out more about our services

On Site Consultation

When visiting your home for an onsite, value packed consultation; we’ll provide you with a detailed 19 page action plan, evaluating the home’s most attractive features, starting from the curb appeal on the outside, to each room inside. We discuss and recommend strategies to enhance the presentation starting from the use of colours, furniture and accessories, art selection,  lighting and all other finishing touches, including the exterior where applicable, to make your job easier and more effective.


Using the homeowners own furniture and any decorative items available in the house, we will help to create and highlight the best features in each room with strategic furniture placements, as well as with the use of specific art, linen and accessories. At the same time we provide suggestions and recommendations to help the home owner to organize and de-clutter excess household goods. We might suggest to purchase or rent certain pieces to further enhance the look. We can also help with de-cluttering and organizing as an added service, if required.

De-Cluttering & Re-organizing

We are happy to help you with organisation and de-clutterin challenges, assisting you to maximize the storage of personal belonging by rearranging them in an orderly fashion. We also help to clear out your closet space and work with you select items for donations i.e. clothing, toys, kitchen and so forth.

All required and pre-arranged plans have to be performed before Staging can take place!

Home Staging

During a complimentary estimate process we determine your specific needs and establish your budget to tailor our services to your needs. We will select specific furniture pieces and our unique and handpicked accessories from our personal collection and happily share them with you to enhance the look of your home.

Home staging is an investment. It is statistically proven that staged properties are selling for 10-15% higher than asking price. A well arranged and beautifully displayed home will appeal to buyers as they can see themselves living there.

At 6 Dimensions Staging & Design we understand the difficulties and stresses incumbent to a busy lifestyle. For this reason we do provide additional services for a small fee.

Gateway Services for Staged Homes

Maintain the look: Visiting and refreshing the home to maintain the staged look two times a week  for 1.5 hours each time

Open house plan: Visiting before the open house begins in the morning for 1.5 hours to recreate and maintain the pristine look of the house.

All required and pre-arranged plans have to be performed before Staging can take place!


When downsizing, we can be there to help with furniture selection, organization, colour consultation, move in design and layout, furniture placement, space planning, and home décor shopping for your new home.  We understand this is an emotional process and having an empathetic partner to assist you when moving into your smaller new home will make all the difference.

Commercial Staging Services

Store visual merchandising, office and lobby re-design and trade show booth set up.

Sell your home easier, faster and for more…

At Six Dimensions Staging & Design we will take care of all your staging and design needs and offer you a wide variety of services. We understand the pressure home owners are under during the selling process and take all circumstances into consideration; your time line, your budget and your goal, which is to sell your property quickly, easily and for more than the asking price.

At 6 Dimensions Staging & Design we aim to create a new perspective in your home décor with a lifetime of design experience not just from many parts of the world, but from the many spectrums of the art world as well. During my career I renovated homes, designed fashion clothing, worked on window displays and in visual merchandising, and as a hobby partook in different art mediums like painting and ceramics.

6 Dimensions Staging & Design is a fully insured and certified company with extensive experience in decorations to benefit you with all of your home design needs. As a Certified UltimateStager & Re-designer™ we work with a proven system to ensure your investment in Home Staging is as easy and profitable as it can be.

What is the advantage in working with us?

  • When working with the home owner and/or agent we take the goal, budget and timeline into consideration.
  • We use custom selected furniture and accessories some from our private collections to create the buyer’s dream home. We’ll bring out your home’s inherent charm and character.
  • We can provide our clients with original, custom-made art works by local and international artist in many styles in our re-design portfolio. Click here to go to the artists page

At 6 Dimensions Staging & Design we work with occupied and vacant homes, condos or family dwellings. We are also providing re-design assistance when you move into your new home. As it is indicated in our company name, we are living and working in all six dimensions, that includes colour, texture and shapes of furniture utilizing of Feng Shue learnt in the Orient to create the balance and harmony that will appeal to most buyers.

Working with the public in many areas of  the retail industry I have firsthand experience proven by statistics, that less than 10% of people have the ability to visualize spacing and furniture arrangements correctly especially in vacant property.

A staged home will bring out the best feature of the home and diminish the flaws. Staging will  create that impressive look buyers will fall in love with and keep your home in their minds longer. A staged home will sell faster and for 10-15% higher price. Staging is an investment you can’t afford to miss.

Sell your home easier, faster and for more…

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We specialize in South Western Ontario including Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Etobicoke, Brampton, and the Niagara Peninsula.

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For over 20 years Maria Hall has been our only source for planning, designing and merchandising our Trade show booth for Canada’s premier Gift fair. Her expertise in color coordinating, symmetry, display and eye for detail all present themselves in the final result. Maria has an acute understanding of one’s needs and conducts herself professionally. A delight and pleasure to have been associated with Maria all these years!


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